Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Saturday we had our first real snow of the year! It was a fairly big storm - we received about 3 inches of snow. Here are some pictures of the view from outside of our house, about mid-storm.

We still had wildflowers growing out in the front yard and I couldn't help but take some pictures of the gorgeous flowers surrounded by orbs of snow. The next day I went out and painted at Prickett's Creek. Couldn't find my boots, so I had to wear my chuck taylors out in the snow, which is never a good idea. So I had some very cold feet. I completed a small 15 x13" and called it a day. I will post that painting up soon...
Here are the pics of the poor, snowy flowers:

Monday, November 30, 2009

SAMA at Ligonier Valley & New Painting

First off, here is one of my newest paintings, November 28th, completed out at Prickett's Creek. It's a smaller, 15 x 13" piece. I had a difficult time getting a decent shot of it, so hopefully I will be able to post a better picture later.

Last week I mentioned that I have some news about an exhibit. I'm very excited to be showing at Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Ligonier Valley from August 14th - November 6th, 2010. It will be a two person exhibition with furniture designer Brian Ferrell. His work is fantastic, check out his website here : http://www.brianferrelldesigns.com/. For more information about SAMA, see here: http://www.sama-art.org/.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Paintings

November 1st oil on canvas.

Here are a bunch of new paintings - the better ones of the recent batch, anyway. I'm pleased with the results and have switched up my process just a teeny tiny bit. I've begun to paint a thin, basic underpainting before I go out, which has really been great. I'm not sure why I hadn't done this all along! Also, along with painting, I traveled to Pennsylvania on Saturday to discuss an exhibition. More on that next week!

November 15th. oil on canvas.

November 22nd. oil on canvas.

October 4th oil on canvas.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Canaan Valley Resort, 10-17-09

This weekend I am going to be at Canaan Valley, WV. Two nights at the resort - it was a Christmas gift from Derek's sister and brother-in-law. (Thanks, guys - we can really use it after FINALLY settling into the new home!) I will be taking my easel, paints and a few smaller canvases with me, so I may get some painting done if we don't get rained out. Last weekend Canaan received its first snowfall of the season with 3.6 inches. I certainly don't ski, but I would love to paint some snow! Too bad it's probably all melted by now...and I'm not sure what the rain and snow have done to the beautiful fall leaves. I'll be posting some pictures along with any decent painting I get from the trip, plus I have a new painting from the beginning of October (before all the moving started) still to put up here!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Had a great time visiting friends (and gallery hopping, etc.) this past weekend! The Short North was a lot of fun and the food in the area was fantastic. We also visited the Wexner Center (which I was a bit too excited about, being kind of nerdy about architecture) and viewed the Luc Tuymans exhibit that was up. For more info on that see here: http://wexarts.org/ex/index.php?eventid=4043 I went overboard on taking pictures of the building, so here is a limited selection:

A work by Maya Lin

I know I'm not supposed to take pictures inside the Center, but I couldn't help myself.

Some fantastic wood-fired pieces on exhibit in a gallery in the Short North:

Also, I had some interest from another gallery, so I'm excited about a few different prospects - hope one of them works out. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gallery Seeking

It's been my personal mission lately to send out submissions to galleries that I think might be a good fit (as prescribed in my very own Goals 2009 list). Since I've been neglecting that goal all year, I'm really behind where I wanted to be as far as just sending out submissions/packets/etc goes. It's ridiculously difficult to find these "good fit" galleries in the first place. So I decided to pick a city outside of West Virginia and search, search, search!

First, I settled on Columbus. Friends who live there say it may be a good place to try. So, I compiled a list of galleries that qualify as a "good fit". Really hard. Practically the hardest part of it all. Sometimes it's easy - "Gallery A exhibits fine art photography". Okay, obviously not for me. Most of the time, it's not that simple.

Then I tried to find any information on how to submit materials for consideration. Next I attempted to assess if the gallery is looking for new artists in the first place. Most of the galleries don't mention on their websites (if they have websites) if they are looking for new artists or not, so out went emails about both of these issues. Of the galleries that responded to my emails, two were willing to look at my images and information. Of those two, one was interested in my work and thought I may be a "good fit" too. To get that far felt really great - I am going to Columbus on Oct. 9th to meet with the gallery. We'll see how it goes!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Painting

September 5th 18x14" oil on canvas

Here's a new work - September 5th. I found a new spot along my favorite creek where there are some beautiful, sort-of rock walls on one side. Can't wait to paint there in the winter time. But I'm certainly not going to wish away the fall. I will be taking advantage of the good weather as much as possible, I have several shows that are around the corner. Soon I will have to start getting these framed up and boxes built so they will be ready to go!
Also, Derek Overfield's reception was a great success - for a review of the exhibit, see the Tatler's blog (under Very Important Links).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Overfield's "New Paintings in Enamel"

Derek Overfield's solo show New Paintings in Enamel is traveling to Fairmont State University's James David Brooks Gallery for the month of September. The reception is set for this Tuesday, September 8th at 7:00 pm, where the artist will give a gallery talk and refreshments will be provided. Since the work has last been displayed several very new, very nice works have been added to the mix! For more info, check out the Tatler's blog: http://fineartsfsu.wordpress.com/

Painting 35 Enamel on wood, 36"x80", 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Painting

My very newest painting, August 27th, (18 x14") was completed on a cloudy afternoon at Prickett's Creek. It was a great day. While out working, I was very happy to run into my old painting professor at Fairmont State - unexpected, but really made my day. Plus, of my more recent works, that day's painting is my favorite. The last few works I decided not to post here or on my website because, after I stared at them for several days, the conclusion was (I'll be honest) - they stunk. They weren't by any means the worst pieces ever, but nothing to write home about. Something about the palette was just not working, among other things. So I am moving on and hoping for good weather in September! Fall is my absolute favorite season and I am very excited that it's just around the corner. The light is changing and you can feel it approaching - love it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Annual Juried Art Exhibit

A quick announcement - The Randolph County Community Arts Center is hosting the Annual Juried Art Exhibit for the 73rd Annual Mountain State Forest Festival. They are accepting hand delivered entries on Saturday, September 26, 2009. The juror is Adam Hodges of Charleston, WV. He is director of the WV Division of Culture and History’s Museums Section.

For more info or contacts see - http://www.randolpharts.org/forestfestentryannouncement.html

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photos on location

Here are some photos taken last weekend out at the Cheat River in Randolph County, WV. I completed a 24 x 20" piece that you may be able to see coming along in the pictures. Once I have a good photo of that work - August 15, at Cheat River - I will post it. Things have been really busy lately, I had to cram a painting day into a painting delivery day (work for the upcoming Gala - more on that later) PLUS stretcher work for ultimate multi-tasking! Anyway, still not an incredible amount of painting going on. I am super excited for all of the house stuff to be over with so I can get back into a painting routine, but it is still a bit far off.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too long

It's been too long since I've posted - I've been very busy lately with non-art-related things, like house hunting. I hadn't realized it would be this challenging and time-consuming. I haven't completed a painting in a while, but have a big painting weekend planned in Elkins! New paintings to come...

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Painting

This painting, July 5 - Prickett's Creek, is another 24 x 20" work. I struggled a bit with it, but it turned out better than I first thought. It's on display at Gallery 62 West in Grafton, WV, along with the rest of the work for my solo show (I know, I know, still wet - yikes!). The reception was this Saturday and went very well, good turnout and good questions at the talk. Thanks to everyone at Gallery 62! The work will be exhibited until the end of July.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Emerging Artists Reception

Prickett's Creek - February 7th , oil on canvas. 16x14"

Last Thursday night, I was fortunate enough to have been awarded Best of Show at the Emerging Artists of West Virginia exhibit for Prickett's Creek - February 7th. I am completely thrilled - it's a purchase award, so the winning piece has become part of the West Virginia State Museum's collection. I'm still in a slight state of disbelief! So one more big Thank you! to juror Allison Smith and everyone at the Cultural Center.
The reception was really nice, I enjoyed the slide jam - all the artists did a fantastic job presenting. I admire their public speaking skills, I wish I had them! Congratulations again to all the selected artists and prize winners, especially second place winner Derek Overfield (http://www.derekoverfield.com/)!
Also, Saturday July 11th is definitely the date for my reception at Gallery 62 West - from 6-9 pm!

Monday, June 29, 2009

"Emerging Artists" Reception and other things

This Wednesday, July 1st is the reception for the juried Emerging Artists exhibit that I am so lucky to have been included in. There will be a slide jam and awards ceremony starting at 6:00 pm at the Cultural Center, which is located at 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East Charleston,WV 25305-0300. I doubt I will be able to make it there by 6, (wasn't able to take off of work, so now I will be driving down afterwards) but should be there by at least 7, assuming the 2 1/2 hour drive goes smoothly!

I am looking forward to hanging my solo show (Paths:Landscapes in Oil) at Gallery 62 West tonight - so a full day for me - work, then installation. I am going to put out a tentative reception date, Saturday July, 11th. I will keep everyone updated - it could change.

Also, a reminder that Monday, July 6th is the last day to have submissions to the Culture Center for the West Virginia Juried Exhibition!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post-Arts on the River

I am happy to say that Arts on the River was very successful this year - lots of people came out to browse around, enjoying the art, wine, food, and music (plus the magician). Of course, this was my first year participating so I don't have previous years to compare to, but Saturday (which was also West Virginia's birthday) seemed especially busy. Thanks to everyone who came out and to those who signed up for my mailing list (if you aren't signed up, email your address to info@laurenadamsart.com)!

Along the Monongahela river, we have a trail great for biking and walking. I was set up beside it, so I could see everyone walking their dog(s). Or in one person's case, sort of biking with their dog (see pic below for one very lucky dog). . . it was a fun day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Arts on the River...

...this weekend! I have several new paintings completed that have yet to be shown from late May/early June for the festival. The event will be happening Saturday, June 20 from 10-8 pm and Sunday, June 21 from noon to 6 pm. You can visit the AoTR website here for more info - http://www.artsontheriver.org/ I'm a bit nervous about the weather, it's calling for some scattered storms, but hopefully they will be few and far between. Of course I will have a tent up, so people are welcome to dash under if one comes through the way they have been lately - quickly!

I also was interviewed by Ms. Lindsey Fleming of the Dominion Post (thank you!) for an article about Arts on the River, so you can check that out online if you have a subscription here -http://olive.dominionpost.com/ Please stop by and have a look at all the art, plus don't forget about the music and wine!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Painting

Here is one of my better, more recent paintings, May 30.

I've been working larger lately and it's been tougher than I expected to adjust. I bought a larger palette knife to accomodate the new scale. Usually, my works are 15 x13" - the new size is 24 x20", quite a jump for me! I had another painting of this size turn out for me over the weekend and I will put it up here as soon as I get it photographed. It would make a nice companion piece for this one and I'm excited to show them together for the newest show I will be having in July!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A side note...

One of the requirements for the upcoming WV Juried Exhibition is to be registered with the Division of Culture and History. I had a difficult time finding the form, along with other artists - so here is the link : http://www.wvculture.org/museum/artsreg.pdf
Also, don't worry if you no longer keep slides of your work, images on cd are acceptable instead.

Upcoming Opportunities

This topic will be ongoing - every so often I will update events for artists to participate in or submit to: exhibits, open calls, juried shows, festivals, etc. Most of them will be for opportunities in West Virginia, but I will try to include other out-of-state events as well. Please feel free to send me an event and I will post it. Here are a couple upcoming juried exhibits:

West Virginia Juried Exhibition: http://www.wvculture.org/museum/wvje2009/webwvjeprospec2009.pdf
Gala Juried Show

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Paths: Landscapes in Oil"

Tonight is the opening for my solo show, Paths : Landscapes in Oil at Serenity Cafe in Downtown Fairmont. It's the first official exhibit of my new landscapes and I'm pretty excited. Although there are several (of my best) pieces missing, I think I can be okay with it since most are now in the State Museum and the venue is filled perfectly - not too cramped (which I really don't care for). The reception starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:00, so stop by and have a look at my work plus, grab some refreshments!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Etsy Shop

Last week I got around to opening an Etsy shop. I think most people are familiar with this site ("Your place to buy and sell all things handmade") - they host sellers who have a wide variety of stuff for sale, including art. I needed an easy way to let people purchase my work and Etsy charges are minimal for your listings. It's also incredibly easy to set up! I have a section for small, inexpensive, original paintings - nothing over $50 along with my regular-sized work. Check it out here : http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7189210.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Emerging Artists" @ State Museum

Usually I try not to put too much emphasis on getting or not getting into a juried exhibit. After all, it's only one person's opinion of your work. But I have to say - I'm really thrilled to have gotten into the Emerging Artists exhibition at the newly renovated State Museum in Charleston, WV. (For renovation pics see here -> http://www.wvculture.org/museum/renovate.html ) I saw the "Congratulations" printed on my letter and immediately began jumping around. I have never shown work in a museum - it really does feel great!

It will be the first show at the new Commissioner's Gallery. The reception is Wednesday, July 1, 2009 but I have the day job to work, so I might not be able to make it down to Charleston, as much as I would like to. The show was juried by painter Allison Leigh Smith of Scottsdale, Arizona. For more info about Allison see here: http://www.allisonleighsmith.com/news/index.html

Thanks, Allison!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Arts on the River

June 20th - June 21st 2009 is Arts on the River at the Hazel Ruby McQuain Park in Morgantown, WV. http://www.boparc.org/parksfacilities/details.php?iFacility=9 I am one of the artists that have been juried in to participate. So if you are going to be in Morgantown that weekend - stop by!

I am starting to feel the pressure of 2 upcoming solo shows weighing down upon me...and the weather is not cooperating! I really am hoping to have a new painting up here sooner than later - it has been constant rain for a week though, and tomorrow looks to be the only opportunity I will have over the next 10 days to get some painting done!

Friday, April 24, 2009


My lucky streak has continued - I have been juried into Tamarack! My first group show will be from January 31st - March 27th, 2010 at the David L. Dickirson Gallery, where I will have about 5 paintings on display. A few days ago I also got my notice of acceptance to Allied Artists of West Virginia, so I will begin exhibiting with this group, too.

I have had a decent but not-so-productive painting weekend, the weather was fantastic - drove up to Cooper's Rock on Saturday where it was the perfect temperature for a day of work. It was unusually warm for April in WV, but the higher elevation in the hills of Bruceton Mills is great when it gets too hot. http://www.coopersrockstateforest.com/ Too bad I didn't have a painting turn out - I will be working more throughout the week and will post my most successful newest soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News!

Lately, I have come into a streak of good luck! I had a pre-screening session with a representative from Tamarack (a facility that showcases handcrafts, fine art and regional cuisine) and I have been accepted for their current jury session tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get accepted, I would love to have a semi-permanent space for exhibition. Plus, Tamarack gets masses of tourists that come through their galleries - and what artist doesn't like the idea of masses of viewers?

Allied Artists of WV had their jury session for new members on Saturday in Charleston, WV. Derek Overfield and I traveled down and submitted our work - we will know the results in a couple weeks. You can find out about AAWV here - >http://www.alliedartistswv.org/ Also, two awards came my way from two separate competitions I recently entered Images of the Mon and Exhibit 60. Thanks to jurors Barbara Beer and Phil Salvato and congrats to everyone accepted into the shows as well as the other award winners.

April has been good to me!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Images of the Mon

I've been a bit under the weather recently, so I'm late to report a group exhibit I have participated in - Images of the Mon at the Morgantown Arts Center in Morgantown, WV. If you are interested and in the area, the show has been extended untill April 25th! For more info on the show, go to http://monarts.bizland.com/

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Exhibit 60

Right now, two of my pieces are on display at the MAA Gallery in Morgantown, WV. They have been juried into the 51st Annual Juried Art Exhibit titled Exhibit 60. The show runs from April 3rd until June 3rd and the Reception and Awards ceremony is Sunday April 19th from 2 - 4pm. I'd like to thank juror/painter Phil Salvato for his kind words at last Thursday's crit! It's much appreciated.

The Women of WV Art Expo went really well - a lot of people stopped by to view and discuss with the participating artists. Thanks to all who visited my booth and asked questions! I had a great time, as always.

Also, I thought I'd include a new painting - this is March 27 - a small 7 x6" I completed at Prickett's Creek.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Women of West Virginia Art Expo

Tomorrow is the 5th annual Women of West Virginia Art Expo! It takes place at Fairmont State University's "Falcon Center" (2nd floor) in Fairmont, WV from 10 am - 2 pm. I will have a display of work at this event and will be at my table throughout those hours. It's always a lot of fun, I enjoy seeing all the new work of other area artists and talking about my work with the public. There will be music as well as poetry readings taking place around 12:30, everyone is welcome!

I have some pictures to post of Derek Overfield's reception from March 14th at Gallery 62 in Grafton, WV. Derek had a great response to his latest work New Paintings in Enamel. It's impressive stuff and will move to James Brooks Gallery at Fairmont State University, Fairmont WV in the fall and then to the Robert C. Byrd Federal Building at Charleston, WV in March 2010.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Solo Show

Friday I received the news that my work (along with fellow artist Derek Overfield - see "Very Important Links") has been accepted for a solo show at the new Robert C. Byrd Federal Building in Charleston, WV. The exhibitions will run from mid-March through mid-April of 2010. Derek's work, New Paintings in Enamel, will be displayed on the second floor while my exhibit, Paths: Landscapes in Oil, will be displayed on the first. I guess I can mark "solo show" off of my goals list, for 2010 anyway....now I just need a set date for 2009. I am looking towards a possible show in July at Gallery 62 in Grafton, WV. Watch for updates!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

. . .and not a moment too soon. I had to celebrate the changing of seasons on my blog because it's very relevant to my art-making. As a plein air painter, spring means many more available painting days - much more production, and that's a good thing! I paint during the winter months here in West Virginia, and it can definitely be enjoyable. The silence and subtle coloring of the landscape are refreshing at times. But what a relief to leave behind my not-so-attractive, bright orange coveralls (okay, ugly) and icky black boots for jeans and a t-shirt! Here's my latest work that I painted on the 18th:

Also, tonight is the closing reception for a juried exhibition I am participating in titled small, etc. It's at the Jackson Kelly Gallery in Morgantown, WV from 5:30 - 7:00 pm. Anyone in the area should stop by!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Goals 2009

I have recently celebrated a birthday, and being another year older makes me think about goals. I've noticed other brave souls write about their career-related goals on their blog, now is as good a time as any for me to do the same! Every artist has a different definition of success. Lately I've been thinking about what being a "successful artist" means to me. Keeping organized goals will help put me on a path towards my vision of "success". So here goes...



  • 25 new 7" x 6" paintings

  • 25 new 15" x 13" paintings

  • 25 new 24" x 21" paintings


  • Mail out 3 small packets per month to possible galleries (only ones that I have researched)

  • Try to update my mailing list seasonally

  • Make sure all work is wired and ready to hang after completion

  • Receive representation at one gallery (not holding my breath on this one!)

  • Schedule 1 solo show for 2009

  • Have 200 brochures printed

  • Have 100 business cards printed

  • Update website at least once a week with new paintings and current events

  • Update blog at least once a week

  • Enter at least 4 juried shows within the year

  • Implement a better record-keeping system for inventory

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Painting!

I completed this 16x13" on Thursday at Prickett's Creek. I was hoping for a nicer, warmer day, but the weather was just so-so. This weekend, I will be picking up new stretchers - I'm down to one. Hopefully, there will be some good weather to go along with all those new surfaces. Spring should be around the corner. . .!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Competitions, Festivals, etc.

March and April are looking to be very busy months for myself, as well as many other West Virginia artists. I thought I would mention these upcoming opportunities! I've included links to the related entry forms/prospectuses for furthur information. I'll be writing about each individual event over the course of the next few months...

Am I forgetting anything? If anyone has any other upcoming events, don't hesitate to comment!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Journal of an Emerging Artist is a project that has been rattling around in my head for awhile now and has finally sprung into being after way too much procrastination. I intend for this to be a catch-all blog for my own personal career updates along with any other art-associated happenings. Presented will be new painting posts from my studio, info about how I tackle the business of art, information concerning exhibitions I attend in my area and places I travel. Plus, of course, chronicling my own exhibitions/events. Basically, anything that comes my way as an emerging artist. Please visit often!

Wow that wasn't so hard...

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