Monday, September 28, 2009

Gallery Seeking

It's been my personal mission lately to send out submissions to galleries that I think might be a good fit (as prescribed in my very own Goals 2009 list). Since I've been neglecting that goal all year, I'm really behind where I wanted to be as far as just sending out submissions/packets/etc goes. It's ridiculously difficult to find these "good fit" galleries in the first place. So I decided to pick a city outside of West Virginia and search, search, search!

First, I settled on Columbus. Friends who live there say it may be a good place to try. So, I compiled a list of galleries that qualify as a "good fit". Really hard. Practically the hardest part of it all. Sometimes it's easy - "Gallery A exhibits fine art photography". Okay, obviously not for me. Most of the time, it's not that simple.

Then I tried to find any information on how to submit materials for consideration. Next I attempted to assess if the gallery is looking for new artists in the first place. Most of the galleries don't mention on their websites (if they have websites) if they are looking for new artists or not, so out went emails about both of these issues. Of the galleries that responded to my emails, two were willing to look at my images and information. Of those two, one was interested in my work and thought I may be a "good fit" too. To get that far felt really great - I am going to Columbus on Oct. 9th to meet with the gallery. We'll see how it goes!

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