Sunday, March 15, 2009

Goals 2009

I have recently celebrated a birthday, and being another year older makes me think about goals. I've noticed other brave souls write about their career-related goals on their blog, now is as good a time as any for me to do the same! Every artist has a different definition of success. Lately I've been thinking about what being a "successful artist" means to me. Keeping organized goals will help put me on a path towards my vision of "success". So here goes...



  • 25 new 7" x 6" paintings

  • 25 new 15" x 13" paintings

  • 25 new 24" x 21" paintings


  • Mail out 3 small packets per month to possible galleries (only ones that I have researched)

  • Try to update my mailing list seasonally

  • Make sure all work is wired and ready to hang after completion

  • Receive representation at one gallery (not holding my breath on this one!)

  • Schedule 1 solo show for 2009

  • Have 200 brochures printed

  • Have 100 business cards printed

  • Update website at least once a week with new paintings and current events

  • Update blog at least once a week

  • Enter at least 4 juried shows within the year

  • Implement a better record-keeping system for inventory

1 comment:

  1. Sign up for VistaPrint's mailing list and get TONS of stuff for free, just pay shipping. Brochures, Biz cards, on the cheap. Its where I get all my printing done. Let me know if you need any help.


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