Thursday, October 22, 2009


Canaan Valley Resort, 10-17-09

This weekend I am going to be at Canaan Valley, WV. Two nights at the resort - it was a Christmas gift from Derek's sister and brother-in-law. (Thanks, guys - we can really use it after FINALLY settling into the new home!) I will be taking my easel, paints and a few smaller canvases with me, so I may get some painting done if we don't get rained out. Last weekend Canaan received its first snowfall of the season with 3.6 inches. I certainly don't ski, but I would love to paint some snow! Too bad it's probably all melted by now...and I'm not sure what the rain and snow have done to the beautiful fall leaves. I'll be posting some pictures along with any decent painting I get from the trip, plus I have a new painting from the beginning of October (before all the moving started) still to put up here!

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