Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Look Back...

James Brooks Gallery

This past weekend, Derek and I attended our niece's high school graduation (congrats, Jessica!), which has got me thinking about my own university graduation and the work I was doing at that time. At my school, it was mandatory to put on a solo exhibition as a 2 credit hour course during your senior year. At FSU, I was very involved with drawing the figure from life - oh to have the luxury of a large studio and dependable model! These works are all charcoal and pastel on paper (some nice paper, some...not so nice) and are about lifesize. Anyway, just thought I would share the pictures of past work and my very first solo exhibit.

Leaning Man. 5 x 3' charcoal and pastel on paper. 2006.

La femme se penche. 5 x 3' charcoal and pastel on paper. 2006

Man. 4 x 3' charcoal and pastel on paper. 2006

Study of feet. 4 x 3' charcoal and pastel on paper. 2006.

Portrait of a young man. 4 x 3' charcoal and pastel on paper. 2006.


  1. Lauren, these are great! I love seeing what you were up to a few years ago. But this inevitably brings a lot of questions to mind, the main one being: when did you decide to focus on painting, and painting abstract landscapes? Did you know already at FSU, or was it something that came to you later? I'm fascinated (and curious!) by how other artists work, and how they came to do what they do. ~Sara

  2. Thank you Sara. I began painting as a sophomore in college and continued throughout. I also painted the figure and landscapes (not very successfully!) under the tutelage of Lynn Boggess, a fantastic landscape painter who is seriously amazing at what he does. After my time at Fairmont State, I went to West Virginia University for a year to earn my BFA (whereas before I had a BA). There I focused on painting as well. I will always have a love for drawing from the live model. In 2008 I began playing around with the landscape again. One day, Derek and I were out at Coopers Rock, picnicking. I had brought my paints along to play, but wasn't taking it seriously. The 6 months of "playing" that ensued after that day just grew into something that I really loved and decided I would switch to full time. I have dedicated all of my work to the subject ever since! :)

  3. these figure drawings and paintings are really great! your new stuff is equally as great, and there's definitely a common thread running between them.

  4. This post really reminded me how much I loved figure/ life drawing classes. That wonderful 2-4 hour bit of time to just observe and almost carve out what you saw before you.

    I especially like the feet.

    Nice work Lauren!

  5. Exactly, Mary. "Carving" is a perfect way to put it.



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