Monday, May 24, 2010

New Painting

May 1st. oil and acrylic on canvas. 12" x 9"

A bit of a recap post today, I have my favorite newer painting included above. Also, the reception for the Lynn and Jennifer Boggess show was really nice. I can't say again how wonderful it is for them to be given the spotlight in this way. That night Derek Overfield took a few minutes to say a few words about Mr. and Mrs. Boggess, I enjoyed them a lot and just wanted to include a bit of it here with his permission:
"Lauren and I had similar experiences at FSU, though I graduated in 2003 and she in 2006. But, we can agree that we owe much of our success to our time there. We had a number of excellent instructors, some that introduced us to what it it was to be an art student, but the Boggesses showed us what it was to be artists. Lynn Boggess reinforced the fact that artists are just as learned, thorough, dedicated, intense and valuable as any profession out there. He instilled in us a love of the artistic trade and a confidence in our decisions to be artists, as well as a confidence in our own work. He felt the artist should never cover his tracks, but boldy show his work to the world, which he puncuated by urging us to compete. He showed us, by his own example what hard work is, and this was a valuable experience just to glimpse his immense energy and drive. We'd like to thank the Boggesses for their contributions to our education and their continued support in our professional careers."
If you haven't seen the show and will be in Charleston soon, don't forget to check it out. Plus, congratulations to Mr. Boggess for receiving the Governor’s Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement! I certainly couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

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