Monday, May 17, 2010

New Painting and Reception tonight!

Marion County - May 1st. oil and acrylic on canvas.

Just a reminder, tonight is the reception for the Lynn and Jennifer Boggess: Teaching Artists exhibition at the Culture Center in Charleston, WV. The schedule looks like this:
6 p.m. Program Starts in Great Hall
Welcome by Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith
Secretary of Education and the Arts Kay Goodwin
Governor Joe Manchin
President of Fairmont State University Tom Krepel introduces Jennifer and Lynn Boggess
Lynn Boggess invites everyone to the Balcony Gallery
Gallery talk by Jennifer, Lynn and Students
Reception in Great Hall

I'm a bit nervous but excited all at once.

Also, above is a new painting I'm fairly proud of, due to it's enormous size (for me, anyway). Taking a canvas about four feet tall outside certainly presents a new set of challenges, especially since it's been windy lately. Ugh, wind, my sworn enemy. I almost had the painting topple onto me at one point.


  1. How lucky you are to know Lynn and Jennifer Boggess. Your work is lovely. I am so enjoying your blog and paintings.

    1. Oh yes, I do count myself as very lucky to know them both, they are absolutely wonderful and a huge inspiration. Thank you for your kind words about my work :) I appreciate that!


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