Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Lynn and Jennifer Boggess: Teaching Artists"

As was hinted at in my "Upcoming Events" section, I have a new show on the horizon. I'm completely honored to be included in the upcoming exhibition to be on display at the Culture Center in Charleston, Lynn and Jennifer Boggess: Teaching Artists. There will be a gallery talk and reception on Monday, May 17th. Derek (who is also a contributing artist) and I will be in attendance, we generally don't miss any opportunity to hear either artist speak about their work.

As an undergraduate student at Fairmont State University, I was very lucky to have studied with Professor Lynn Boggess. Anyone familiar with his work knows exactly what a wonderful opportunity that was and I couldn't be in better company showing with him and his wife (also a fantastic artist, see earlier post). Mr. Boggess has become a full-time professional artist since leaving FSU several years ago. So I'm very excited that this idea has been selected for the exhibition (and not just because it means I get to show, although that doesn't hurt!) because he (and Jennifer still) was an amazing instructor. A million thanks go out to them. Also while I'm on a roll thanking people, I'd also like to thank Betty Gay, Exhibits Coordinator at the Culture Center and the Dean of Fine Arts at FSU, Peter Lach.

For more info on the exhibition and contributors, see here:

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