Friday, April 15, 2011

New Paintings - studies

Study 14. acrylic on paper

Study 13. acrylic on paper.

Study 12. acrylic and graphite on paper.

Study 11. acrylic on paper

Study 10. acrylic on paper


  1. Love them! Especially the first three. Do you make them as sketches for paintings, or as work in their own right?

  2. I think this paper thing is working out for you! and the pink is to die for!

  3. Hi Sara

    You know, I'm not sure what will happen with these. Right now I'm just really enjoying messing around and seeing what happens. Painting on paper has been really freeing! I do consider them little pieces on their own, and maybe they will evolve into larger works on canvas. Thanks for checking them out :)


  4. Mary - thanks! I'm really liking this paper thing and I absolutely love pink in just about any painting! Glad you think it is working in mine.


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