Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Postcards and Mailing List

One goal met! My postcards are ordered and delivered as of yesterday for my upcoming solo show at the Slingluff Gallery in April. I hope everyone on my mailing list likes theirs :) If you aren't on my mailing list and would like a postcard, just shoot me an email with your name and address to This also signs you up for my monthly newsletter and other freebies! The sidebar to the right subscribes you to my newsletter only, but if you want snail mail like postcards (like I do), I will need your physical address too.

Anyway, I do love a good postcard - Here are some favorites that are for sale on Etsy:


  1. Lauren! Thank you so much for featuring my product. I am surprised and excited to be included with such the awesome artists! Thank you again! Mary

  2. Congrats on the Show. Excited to see it is in Philly. We are a great town for art! I hope you have a great show!

  3. @Mary - You're welcome! Fantastic postcards - I love the ones I have from you :)

    @Lulu Thank you so much! I'm so excited, haven't been to Philadelphia since college, great place - can't wait to visit again!


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