Monday, January 24, 2011

Exhibition Announcement

Last week was a strange but wonderful week. On my first official "painting" day, the first day where I was off from my day job (last Thursday), I received a phone call about an invitation for a solo exhibition at Redbrick Gallery in Martinsburg, WV! I was completely thrilled that:

1. I was able to take that call from the owner (and not have to play phone tag due to the day job hours!) and
2. I was able to accept the invitation for the solo exhibit, because I now have much more time to produce the work.

So I am very happy to announce that after the solo exhibition in April at the Slingluff Gallery, a revised version of that show will be on display May 21st - June 25th at Redbrick Gallery, with an opening reception Saturday, May 21st! I'm already feeling better about this decision...


  1. That's great Lauren! Congrats! We're looking forward to having your art in Philly in April!

  2. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it, too - I'll be finishing up the last paintings this week!


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