Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goals 2010

Here goes:


5 new 7 x 6" paintings

20 new 16 x 13" paintings
20 new 18 x 14" paintings
15 new 24 x 20" paintings

That would bring me to a grand total of 60 paintings for 2010, which averages out to a bit more than 1 painting per week. C'mon I can do that!


Send out a large (researched) mailing of brochure/cover letter packets
Send out 3 larger packets each season
Update mailing list quarterly

Receive representation at one gallery
Schedule 2 solo shows for 2010

Have 30 brochures printed quarterly
Have 100 business cards printed
Update website at least once a week with new paintings and current events
Update blog at least once a week
Enter at least 3 juried shows within the year
Improve upon my record-keeping system for inventory

Okay, so many of the goals for 2009 carry over to 2010. But the most important goals for the year are, as always, getting gallery representation, booking solo shows, and creating 60 paintings. One of the biggies is already taken care of - since I already have a winter/spring exhibit in Charleston and a late summer/fall show at Ligonier Valley. Technically, the later show isn't a "solo" show, but it requires a lot of work, so I am counting it as one!

Right now I am getting ready to go paint, but next Monday I will have a New Painting post. One that hopefully will also include today's work!

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