Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 in Review...

Like I said, 2009 was very good to me. Lots of great things, both professional and personal, came my way. I have much to be thankful for...Derek and I bought our first home together and are now engaged and I have two solo shows on the horizon!

So, I will go through each goal that I set out early last year and sort of grade myself on each task. First, I put forth a very ambitious painting schedule:


25 new 7" x 6" paintings
25 new 15" x 13" paintings
25 new 24" x 21" paintings

I would say that I created about 40 paintings overall this year (including the really bad ones that never saw the light of day after I made them). I suppose that's not too bad, considering we were house-hunting and moving, which is a real time zapper. This year better be a different story.


-Mail out 3 small packets per month to possible galleries (only ones that I have researched)

This one makes me laugh - I didn't come close to meeting this goal. Which creates - Problems. I need to be on this one.

-Try to update my mailing list seasonally

Did pretty well on this one. After every event I added my new contacts into my excel spreadsheet. I include all the pertinent info (name address email) and also how I met each person to jog my crap memory.

-Make sure all work is wired and ready to hang after completion

Eh, this isn't too critical, and I find that as long as I have an early deadline for prepping work for a show, everything works out just fine.

-Receive representation at one gallery (not holding my breath on this one!)

This goal creates a bit of a grey area. I am very fortunate to have been juried into the David L. Dickirson gallery at Tamarack, but I'm not sure I would mark that as full "gallery representation".

-Schedule 1 solo show for 2009

I had not one but three(!) solo shows in 2009. That makes it the one area where I exceeded my goal, but I guess that's a good one to go over and above on....

Have 200 brochures printed

I did have brochures printed, but not 200. Printing in bulk certainly makes it less expensive, but the extra cost associated with printing in smaller batches is worth it to keep the brochures up-to-date.

Have 100 business cards printed

Ditto for the business cards.

Update website at least once a week with new paintings and current events

I would give myself an A+ on this goal, I was hardly ever behind on updates.

Update blog at least once a week

The blog is doing okay, there are only a few times that I fell behind. Not too bad. I look forward to expanding the blog in 2010!

Enter at least 4 juried shows within the year


Implement a better record-keeping system for inventory

Still not there yet, but I am developing a plan and have kept good records of sales.

So there you have it, my year in review...Up next, Goals 2010!

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