Monday, August 29, 2011

New Website!

About 2 weeks in to my training on Dreamweaver, I threw my hands up in aggravation! I was learning a lot, but I could tell this would be a long, loooong road to new-website-dom. Like, maybe a year from now, I could potentially build the website of my dreams. Then I was tipped off to (thanks Chris! You are the best!). After the first 10 minutes using the site, I was giddy. I am still giddy. It is the absolute best for people like me, who are...hmm, what's a nice way to put this...not very computer savy. It has a fantastic website editor that lets you work very intuitively (as in, drag and drop), while also offering you access to your code and css. Perfect!

So I give you the new and very much improved!

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