Monday, July 25, 2011

New Painting!

Oak- July 22nd. oil and acrylic on canvas. 24 x 20" $650

Lately I have been embracing a process that I've admired in some of my favorite historical artists, as a means to furthur abstract my work. I have been painting on the ground more and more for my acrylic underpaintings. With this piece, I am still working on the ground, but instead of applying with a brush, I'm pouring thinned paint onto the canvas, letting it soak in. The sort of rectangular blocks of color are where the oil paint is coming into play, describing the "trunk" of the tree. The piece is based off of a plein air foliage study of our neighbor's old oak. This direction is something I plan on pursuing more and more, I'm very excited about the possibilites...


  1. I think the paint quality is very interesting and the forms are gorgeous. The vibrancy of the colors is a particular favorite of mine. I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks so much - I'm glad you like the forms, they are definitely a step outside the comfort zone for me.


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